Hold. Charge. Protect.

Hold. Charge. Protect.

LaunchPort is the revolutionary charging and mounting system that forever changes how you can use iPad. The LaunchPort system consists of a Sleeve and any number of Stations. A Sleeve is a protective case that fits onto your iPad. A Station is the mount and charging unit that connects to and holds a Sleeve.  There are two types of Stations, one for the table and one for the wall.

Elegantly integrate iPad onto any surface.

iPad is everywhere, in business and homes.  There are thousands of smart devices now that help make your life better like smart door locks, smart lighting and even digital music systems.  All these devices come to life on your iPad screen where you can control them as you desire.  We believe there should be an easy way to place your iPad on a wall, making it always charged and always available. Turn your iPad into a smart touch controller with Surface Mount: the elegant frame that allows you to integrate iPad onto any surface.

Elegantly Mount and Charge iPad In-Wall

Control Mount is the original in-wall mount for iPad, ready for both residential and commercial applications.  Use iPad as a control touch panel or information center in the home, or leverage iPads in the office as digital signage screens or conference room schedulers.  With its small, minimalist and paintable bezel, Control Mount will blend into a variety of decors, maintaining the elegance of your space.

Magnetically mount anywhere… easy to grab and go.

Use the magnet inside of the xPRESS Audio Keypad to mount it anywhere there is metal!  From the refrigerator to the work bench to the corner of most walls, xPRESS can be easily mounted in most places.  And if you really want to mount xPRESS on a non-metal surface, just use the stick-on mount included in the box.  Keep xPRESS on the side of the bed, by the couch, wherever you need one to get quick access to your music.


Acurus & Aragon

•RESI, Audio (R)

Bose Professional

•COMM, Speakers (C)


•COMM, Video (C)


•RESI, Seating

Definitive Technology

•RESI, Speakers (R)


•RESI, Audio (R)

Future Automation

•COMM, •RESI, Lifts, Mounts (C), Mounts (R)


•RESI, Audio (R), Speakers (R)

IC Realtime

•COMM, •COMM+RESI (OFFERS BOTH), Control, Security


•COMM, •RESI, Control

Leon Speakers

•COMM, •RESI, Lifts, Speakers (C), Speakers (R)

Liberty AV Solutions

•COMM, •RESI, Video (C), Wiring

Middle Atlantic

•RESI, Mounts (R), Racks, Surge+Power Mgmt


•RESI, Audio (R), Speakers (R)


•COMM, •RESI, Control, Network, Security, Wiring

Planar Systems

•COMM, •RESI, Video (C), Video (R)


•RESI, Speakers (R)

PRO Audio

•RESI, Speakers (R)


•COMM, •RESI, Shades

RGB Spectrum

•COMM, Video (C)


•COMM, •RESI, Lifestyle, Video (C), Video (R)


•COMM, •RESI, Speakers (C), Speakers (R)


•RESI, Audio (R), Speakers (R), Video (R)


•COMM, Video (C)


•COMM, Video (C)


•COMM, •RESI, Lifestyle


•COMM, •RESI, Lighting Control